Daventry & District Friends of Iganga Registered Charity No. 1100624
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Information & History on Iganga and the Friends

Situated almost on the Equator, Iganga is a lively market town of 40,000 people in central Uganda, not far from Lake Victoria and the source of the White Nile. In 1995 a link was established between Daventry District and Iganga, focussing on technical co-operation between the local authorities of Iganga Town Council and Daventry District Council.

Together they undertook refuse collection, drainage and preventative public health projects. Daventry & District Friends of Iganga, set up early in 2001, is now the focus for the partnership between the two communities. In 2003 the Friends became a registered charity.

The Friends of Iganga wish to develop links between Daventry District and Iganga that will achieve greater understanding between the two communities and support the development of the social, environmental and economic well-being of Iganga. The Friends are striving to achieve this through activities that will

  • Raise the profile and understanding of life in Iganga amongst the population of Daventry District and organisations operating in the District.
  • Promote the social, environmental and economic well-being of the people of Iganga.
  • Encourage mutual support and the exchange of knowledge between the people of Daventry District and Iganga.
  • Increase the cultural understanding between Daventry District and Iganga.

Since 2001, the Friends of Iganga have continued the theme improving the quality of life for people living in Iganga. Projects for the wider community have included protection of water sources, a new refuse truck, a new town clinic and creation of a town park. In addition, the Friends have worked with schools, a centre for the blind and an orphanage to improve the facilities and a better quality of life for the children.

The Friends have also received great support from people in Daventry District and beyond, including donations of books, bedding, sports equipment, tools, hospital equipment, sewing machines and computers that have been shipped to Iganga.